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Within the world of art  he was influenced by sensational images from magazines articles, occultist, periodic reading of mythological histories, cartoon characters, such as horror films, real contact and development as an artist came when the loneliness arrived at his door, a time of personal state of isolation with human contact, in that time he encountered his authentic spiritual self, and finally began asking important questions, challenging his own integrity. It was a painful process of purification, but the pathworking now defines him artistically, Avalos gives us a series of representations of foreign  and unknown deities. A painful purification process.


During this entire time course of the creative factor, was steady but never disappeared, lay under the shadow of personal zeal, entities that emerge from the darkness and his own spiritual path, challenging the viewer, confronting them, taking them into a inner warfare against all the religious dogmatic concepts, clashing their soul face to face with their faith, their fears and their most secret doubts.


With a clear influence of the works of the religious art, the evocations of Nestor are within the actual movement of visual artists working in the dark / occult and abject art, a doorway to liberation for a few that need to walk through the path of fire.